Collection Process

Since 2004 our team has evolved our process and infrastructure to increase our debt collection performance while ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Debt collection services have evolved with technology and Benuck & Rainey has kept pace with these advancements to increase the rate of collection.

"We don't get paid unless we collect for you."

Efficient Account Management

Once you have selected Benuck & Rainey, we make the data collection process simple and easy to do. Clients have the ability to send us collection data via our FTP site where our team can import the data in seconds.

Investigative Services

Our extensive pre-collection process for commercial collections includes a thorough evaluation of real-time reports to determine the most successful method to collect the debt.

Skip Tracing Services

Collecting a debt starts with locating the individual with the outstanding debt. Our Skip Tracing unit specializes in locating debtor information quickly and accurately. This provides our collection team with faster response times to contact newly placed accounts.

Expert Collectors

Our extensively trained staff are equipped to handle virtually any debt collection situation with professionalism, in any industry, for any amount.

Advanced Technology

Our advanced integrated software allows for high volume communication while ensuring accurate tracking for every phone call, email, letter and fax of every customer until a resolution is made.

This integrated solution allow our clients to evaluate their account and our performance through a streamlined web interface from anywhere in the world.

Global Flexibility

Our team has the training and proven capabilities to handle multi-lingual situations including the processing of money requiring exchange rate calculations.

Legal Services

Benuck & Rainey has an extensive network of law firms licensed in every state throughout the US. Our 100% legal coverage allows us to process legal issues in a pragmatic and efficient manner; saving you time and ultimately, money.

Complete Service

Our team of collection professionals are trusted by companies throughout the US to recover and increase their receivables. Our full service agency works direct with your team as an extention of your organization to handle all of your collection needs.

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please note this communication is from a debt collector.

Our Value Proposition
  • Increase Cash Collections
  • Reduce Days in A/R
  • Reduce Bad Debt Write-Offs
  • Lower Cost of Collections
  • Customized Reports
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We are a collection agency committed to our clients and their business needs. We go to great lengths to maintain trusting relationships with our clients and their debtors.

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